[how to after holothurian bubble is sent, eat] how does _ of the _ method that make make –

[how to after holothurian bubble is sent, eat] how does _ of the _ method that make make –



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Holothurian nourishing effect is very powerful, still have useful medicine value, get of people love. If be in foreland, we at ordinary times of bring into contact with holothurian it is dry holothurian, such doing is for better undertake carry and storing up. Accordingly, we are when edible is holothurian, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Need is right holothurianForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Advanced1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Travel bubble is sent. So, how to after is holothurian bubble sent, eat? We look below.

 How to after holothurian bubble is sent, eat

Holothurian congee

Holothurian and OK mincing do congee, want to had boiled rice congee first before do, later again will holothurian in putting congee, also can add a few salt and candy, boil 5 minutes to give boiler again.

Holothurian egg a thick soup

Share the of great capacity a thick soup of egg of the evaporate in the egg with good agitate is being put after a few agaric are mincing, have very good method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood to raise hematic effect. But those who want an attention is, cannot have sent agaric bubble when edible agaric long.

Dip in feed

Every feed early, can dip in honey and white sugar (the diabetic does not suggest to use) of method of this kinds of edible, also1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
In can putting milk, send take, insist to have the effect that improve the health all the year round.

Holothurian clear soup

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

Will holothurian mincing, burn into boiler, take convenient cover condiment a few, according to individual taste recuperation.

Holothurian mushroom soup

Attend dawdle, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, dried small shrimps to boil boiling water with the sea, the tonic of ideal of the old people in be.

Fry move eat

Will holothurian with green ginger kind frying together eat, though this is planted nutrition of part of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of meeting having a way, but flavour is very good, friends can try such eating.

Cold and dressed with sause holothurian

The water hair after will be being boiled is holothurian appear with cool bath, slice or cut broken man, join right amount salt, candy, vinegar, gourmet powder, mashed garlic and caraway to mix divide evenly can edible, delicate and cool, soft fragile slippery tender, little taste is goluptious.

 How to after holothurian bubble is sent, eat

Holothurian nutrition value

1, holothurian contain richer protein, less adipose with cholesterol.

2, holothurian and so-called ” acerbity great rich of ammonia of essence of life ” , contain oneself of 8 kinds of human body cannot complex is indispensible ammonia1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Base acerbity, among them content of acid of ammonia of essence of life, lysine is most rich.

3, contain special active nutrition material, holothurian acidity sticks polysaccharide, holothurian black glucoside () of holothurian element, holothurian toxin, holothurian fat is qualitative, holothurian glue albumen, bovine sulphur acid.

4, composition of active of the other inside holothurian body has holothurian element to reach by amino already candy, already the thorn of the composition such as candy aldehydic acid and cliff alga candy joins acidity to stick polysaccharide, contain 18 kinds of amino acid additionally and do not contain cholesterol.

5, ginseng contain rich microelement, especially calcic, vanadium, natrium, Selenium, magnesian content is higher. First what the microelement vanadium that holothurian place contains resides all sorts of food, can participate in the carriage of the iron in blood, enhance hematopoiesis ability.

 How to after holothurian bubble is sent, eat

6, water is contained to divide 77.2 grams in every 100 Ke Xianhai ginseng, protein 16.6 grams, adipose 0.3 grams, ash content 3.7 grams, carbohydrate 0.9 grams, sulfur amine element 0.03 milligram, riboflavin 0.05 milligram, calcic 28.5 milligram, potassium 43 milligram, sodium 502.9 milligram, magnesian 149 milligram, iron 13.2 milligram, manganese 0.76 milligram, zinc 0.63 milligram, copper 0.05 milligram, phosphor 28 milligram, selenium 63.93 microgramme, nick is acerbity 0.01 milligram.

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