Did 3 rice board advantages already lose the group man of the dream: of the leader of a sports team? Does glair skip チ of close Lou tenon?

Did 3 rice board advantages already lose the group man of the dream: of the leader of a sports team? Does glair skip チ of close Lou tenon?



Project of diving of bright and beautiful contest opens Budapest natant era contest head day, chinese diving team wins one gold only in 3 final, to ” the team of the dream ” for it may be said encountered ” the battle of slippery Tielu 上海同城对对碰交友社区

” . If say two girls that play game of world bright and beautiful first,Chen Yi article, Chang Yani is in the woman that is not abstruse project behaves the word with owe beautiful excusable still on rice board, so Olympic Games of afterwards of 3 meters of gangplank breaks man two-men the predestined relationship is not had with champion again after Jin Zhi this lesson is a little disastrous. Since 2003, chinese team is in male pair of 3 rice board world bright and beautiful had come true to surpass on the project 7 Lian Guan, and this is proud person record stops上海千花社区

abruptly yesterday. From yesterday the finals process of before dawn looks, chinese team still is overmatch on this project, but already was not Wang Zhe, got a lot of progress is striking the serious challenge of adversary.

Before Budapest of go out for a battle, afterwards of week of leader of a group of Chinese diving group is red sign up for a reporter to had said to Beijing youth, in project of 8 Olympic Gameses, what she worries most is a man 3 meters of gangplank, no matter odd two-men. Zhou Jigong’s concern became reality as expected, in the decisive battle that rises and fall in this process, england, United States, R上海千花网论坛

ussia even take turns of a few groups of partners initiated concussion to Chinese team. China combine上海千花网

s Cao Yuan / although Xie Sai Yi is advanced the 4 banner advantages that 17.82 minutes gained after jumping, but this value that distinguish difference is not safe. The 5th 207C that jump (writhe backward 3 Zhou Banbao genu) with 109C of the last movement (forward tuck diveseethe上海贵族宝贝论坛

all around hold genu in the arms partly) , cao Yuan / Xie Sai Yi all appeared bigger error, attend Olympic Games project to be developed than the Xie Sai上海龙凤论坛sh1f

Yi that go all out on world contest first especially completely wrong, double bounce quality is very low, by Russia Suo Fu of Nie of at present of two veteran library / Zakehaluofu exceeds instead, painful break gold. Although finals suffers a defeat,have the reason that the condition of an injury of ministry of foot of Xie Sai Yi did not heal, but the factor that also he attends contest frequency to lack experience too less, after be being surpassed like Zhou Jigong, sum up in that way, “Our team member is younger, need more time to come training, future needs to enter more contest. ” as man of Chinese diving team of 3 rice board recombine, and of adversary difficulty and level rise, chinese diving also needs the issue that straight face dominant position dangers.

Civil / Liu Ailin of our newspaper reporter

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