[the practice of white vinegar jellied bean curd] _ adds thick _ how to make –

[the practice of white vinegar jellied bean curd] _ adds thick _ how to make –



Article introduction

In the bean curd on diet to everybody it is one kind is compared feed capable person commonly, the mouthfeel of bean curd is delicate bright slips, and nutrient value is rich, often the fabaceous albumen that place of OK and compensatory body needs edible and other nutrient part, and white vinegar bean curd also is to belong to a kind of commonner practice, main material needs to be used to soya-bean milk and white vinegar to mix all sorts of flavoring, mix soya-bean milk and white vinegar match dish to boil the refrigeration after making boiling can.

The practice of white vinegar jellied bean curd

The practice: of jellied bean curd? Me Ciwan witch?

Raw material: Soya-bean milk, celery, white vinegar, green, ginger, chili, potato 35;

Measure: 1, boil soya-bean milk with arenaceous boiler, use arenaceous boiler to be able to protect the raw ingredient; of nutrition and soya-bean milk

2, wait for soya-bean milk to boil appeared, boiler bottom is spitting snow-white oar foam, can put celery leaf to the; in boiler

3, wait for soya-bean milk again boil, the spoon that use a meal will be white vinegar slowly enter soya-bean milk in, and slowly agitate, in 3 minutes two in nod the two white vinegar that come 3 times, when nodding, want to see the change of soya-bean milk carefully, when soya-bean milk begins to condense a bit, the grain that has in suspension is in float move, can reach boiler end to go at the same time;

4, cut very light blue into paragraph, ginger cuts end, explode with green ginger and chili first boiler, eat jellied bean curd and potato again inside hot pot, boil hind puts a few salt;

5, give boiler can edible; note: Nodding soya-bean milk with white vinegarForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Moment, must hold good time, it is not to coagulate otherwise of jellied bean curd.

Jellied bean curd


Soya bean, inside fat (coagulating agent) , agaric, tomato patch, carrot, thin pork, hoosh treasure, amylaceous, celery leaf


1, soya bean shifts to an earlier date bubble hair, with oar of arrange engine wear, after filter gives residue from bean after making soya-bean milk, enter a stockpot small fire heats

2, inside ester (coagulating agent) after adding little to hydrate to leave, put in the basin in

The practice of white vinegar jellied bean curd

3, after soya-bean milk small fire is boiled, fall to contain immediately inside in the salver of ester, lid upper cover is worn frowzily

4. can make stew in soy sauce at that time, wait for bittern to had been hit, jellied bean curd also shaped, can irrigate on bittern leaves eat

5, the practice of bittern: Agaric cuts into shreds after bubble hair, thin pork also is cut tiny bit

6, take treasure of a hoosh to put a stockpot, join right amount clear water to burn

7, put raw material to thoroughly cook, add bit of soy to flavor

8, tick off thin Gorgon euryale with wet starch finally, scatter on mincing celery leaf can

Piquancy jellied bean curd

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Forum of Shanghai noble baby
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Egg 3, board bean curd together, soy one small teaspoon, xianggu mushroom 2, gao Li dish 1 cup, the pig wrings fleshy 200g, hot oil is right amount, salt one small spoon, bitter tea-seed oil / balm is right amount, sauce of pepper of the head of garlic 1 greatly spoon


Take the big bowl that an a pot for steaming food uses, board bean curd /

1: Take the big bowl that an a pot for steaming food uses, board bean curd / slippery bean curd / inside ester bean curd is put into with broach squish, put an egg, water, soy, hit divide evenly together, slip to bean curd and egg suitable. Above paper of the aluminum foil on the lid, the package is nice. Put into electric boiler, a cup of water is put to go in electric boiler evaporate is ripe.

The hour that awaits again, will fry makings. Fry pan in put

2: The hour that awaits again, will fry makings. Fry bitter tea-seed oil is put to heat up boiler in boiler, put Xianggu mushroom to fry a minute slightly, put all dish and flavoring, hot oil, fry a few minutes quickly, next stew of a bit small fire 3 minutes, boiler reserves since.

It is good to wait for evaporate bean curd, a little a bit cooler,

3: It is good to wait for evaporate bean curd, a little a bit cooler, before fry makings put in on bean curd, like hot friend to be able to be added againShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Burn hot oil, farewell boiler uses steam of half cups of water ripe, appetizing piquancy jellied bean curd is good.

The practice of white vinegar jellied bean curd

Jellied bean curd of sweet tender slippery bright


Inside king of ester bean curd 1.25 grams, dry soya bean 250 grams, pen finger thermometer 1, chopped green onion is right amount, balm 0.25 small spoon, peanut butter is right amount, soy right amount


1, the dry soya bean of 250 grams uses bleb one evening, make the following day.

2, Forum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
The soya bean with good bubble, with ladle half beans adds half water inside former juice machine, juice of wear soya-bean milk, yam was ground 2 times repeatedly. Shanghai noble baby

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Come out 2 dock-glass the soya-bean milk juice of 800 milliliter.

3, with little water, inside fat is deliquescent, see well, have bowl background only so little water is enough! How to nod a little of course also it doesn’t matter! Inside fat in proportion (500g a fermented drink made from ground beans: The fat inside 1.25g) leave with a few lukewarm to hydrate, inside the bowl that puts heat preservation.

4, boil boil a fermented drink made from ground beans that a moment ago hit fully, enter a ready stainless steel basin, measure temperature with pen thermometer, refrigeration is in 80 to 90 degrees between most appropriate!

5, pour those who dissolve to have from the basin inside in fat solution boiler mix adequately, the edge pours edge agitate even, the lid builds heat preservation, fasten mobile seat. (Also need not agitate, with the means that 2 container pour back and forth, back and forth 2 bouts can be put into heat preservation container. Yam uses the electric meal Bao in the home, open heat preservation function directly can! )

6, open after 20 minutes, tender slippery jellied bean curd has been done!

7, and so on of chopped green onion pouring a drop, soy, balm, peanut butter, dried small shrimps, it is OK that the taste that likes by oneself mediates eat.

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